What an incredible year 2010 was both with Paws to Claws and on the home-front.

The business saw tremendous growth in all areas. Dog walking has become a 5-day-a-week labour of love. In order to accommodate the explosion of daily walk requests, I dedicated Saturday to grooming – much to the delight of the clients who were unable to make it to week-day appointments. All in all, it’s worked out wonderfully! I appreciate everyone’s patience as we tweaked schedules to be able to fit all the pooches in!

We are so proud to say that after three-quarters of a year of hard work, we are finally able to call our home a farm. We purchased 4 Suffolks ewes in September. They are enjoying their newly-fenced field and their own stable in the barn. Currently, the girls are hosting a very handsome young ram, with the hopes that the flock may expand in the spring. Fingers crossed!

Winter sheep

Our pack is doing well for the most part but this is where we suffered an unexpected blow. Our 6 year old male Belgian, Ciaran, was officially diagnosed with cardiac failure in May. He was given about 6 months, and promptly put on a few cardiac medications to help him with various complications. Much to our surprise, the 6 month time-frame came and went. Day after day, we have been blessed with his greeting each morning. Seeing his face on Christmas morning was the biggest gift we’ve ever received!


We have had his abdomen drained twice now, to remove excess fluids, and we restrict his activities and he continues to surprise us over and over again. We are certainly cherishing these moments!

Finally, a HUGE proud moment: Thanks to the generosity of many, many clients, we were able to make a donation of $310, collected from tips, to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund. That is FANTASTIC! Let’s hope those dollars can make a difference in the lives of our fur-friends!

Another year is upon us and I’m sure it will hold all kinds of surprises just like last year did. We hope to be able to continue serving our 4-legged clients with all the love and respect they deserve. We wish them all a safe and fun-filled year ahead!

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Can it be?  Can we really hear Santa’s sleigh bells already?  Sure enough – Christmas is just around the corner!  Be sure to make an appointment for your pup for a few hours of pampering and primping!  You’ll love their fresh, clean smell and be wowed at how cute they look again!  Don’t delay – appointments are limited!