The Mortsons,  East Gwillimbury

Meet our Bernese pup Teddy, a year old and sits at 105 lbs.

He can’t wait for Bernadette and her entourage, Sienna, Sadie, Ben and Kelly arrive in the “Paws for Claws” mobile. Teddy paces back & forth at the front door, whimpering and as soon as Bernadette opens her van, he becomes crazed with excitement.

When she greets us at the door, he runs and literally hops into his assigned crate, in the back of her van on his own. Ready for his daily adventure!!! Hopeful there maybe a squirrel chase, or a tug with the other pups.

Bernadette, sends each and everyone of us a text with the dog’s events of the day, how everyone gets along, and each one is treated as if her own.

We would recommend Bernadette to anyone wanting to have organized adventures & socialization for their furry family and a great adventure with lots of other dogs!

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